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Infrared Sauna Cabin
Type: FIR-057A
Specification: 95*90*190cm
  • 1.Carbon fiber heater
  • 2.Micro - computer digital control panel
    3.CD system and speaker integrated
    4.0ne Year Guaranty
    5.voltage 220V:1400W(single size cabin)
    • .Outlet vent
    • .lnlet vent
    • .5 heaters - 2 on back wall,
    1 under bench, 1 on each front corner.
    • .Lamp and Speaker Integrated
    • .Walls are the walls are jointed by mortises and tenons
    (no screws or bolts needed)
    • .Adjust the sauna time, temperature
    as you desire with the micro - computer
    digital control panel outside and inside.
Notes: Infrared Sauna Cabin
Guaranty: One year for electronic devices; five years for accessories
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